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Friday, November 30, 2007

Broken bones, broken plans...

Well... on Wednesday Amy hurt her hand in basketball practice... she says she tried to do a layup, and then the ball bounced off the rim back to her, she tried to catch it and jammed 3 fingers on her left hand. So she tried to unjam them by pulling them out, and pulled out her pinkie and middle finger, but her ring finger wouldn't move... it didn't hurt, she just couldn't move it!
So anywhos on Thursday morning she still couldn't move her finger, and it was MAJORLY swollen, black, blue and purple... it looked AWFUL. At school, she went to the nurse and she said that she thought it was broken... so today (Friday) she went to the doctor, and found out that she DID break her finger and chipped the bone on both sides--- missing the growth plate!!!
She has a green cast that goes about halfway up her arm, and she had to have that for like 2 weeks...
What stinks is that Basketball season just started... and Amy didn't even get to play in a game... so now she has to sit out until at least January. :(

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Matt A. said...

Deborah, I feel so bad about that...I definitely shouldn't have given her that advice :). Anyway, had a great time with you tonight. Thanks for coming!