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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Never failed me yet.

Do you ever feel completely and totally alone; in need of a helping hand, in need of comfort? In need of someone to just come along-side of you and say "you're not going through this alone." I certainly have. I've also heard a lot of songs that talk about someone that comes at that moment-- and you know.... it's usually a guy or girl stepping in to "save the day." In my experience (limited though it may be), people are the ones who drive me to that point (the one of aloneness and hurt). If I said I've never been hurt, it would be a lie... since I've been burned by many a hateful word and action. But no matter where I am, Jesus is there. He meets me with wide open arms. He lovingly dries my tears and listens as I pour out my heart. He's the only one who knows everything about me, and he's the only one that could love me anyway. I know my pain cannot be erased, but I know that God has healed it. He never fails to blow my mind away-- and better yet, he never fails. I can point out numerous times when people have failed me, or when I've been hurt, but I can name 100 times more examples of how God was there.
So many things sparked this... I don't want to go into them all... but one of them has to do with my future plans. I have to get a student visa in order to attend Capernwray. However, there is a chance that I won't be able to get it in time, and that would make my attendance impossible. I have moments of freaking out, but I primarily have a profound peace. God's got it all under control.

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