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Thursday, November 15, 2007

I get it!

Well good news.... Chemistry didn't kill me. Well ok the quiz did (I bombed it as I expected), but I spent an hour after school today going Chemistry, and I finally get it... which makes me really happy inside ESPECIALLY since the test is tomorrow.
But sad news... I am sick and feel like either curling up in a ball and going to sleep, or dying. Gahhhhh. Hahaha and my voice keeps going away which actually kinda amuses me... :)
Oh and somehow my sister talked me into singing a hymn for her English class next month. I don't know why I said yes... now I'm kinda freaking out.
Now I need to conquer Algebra. I am determined... and when I am determined I am nearly unstoppable, I've come to find out. :)

5 days until Thanksgiving.

1 comment:

Matt A. said...

Hey Deborah, it's Matt..I told you that you would be fine. I'm sorry your voice is going out and that you are sick, but I hope you feel better. Anyway, I'll talk to you at school tommorrow.