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Friday, December 5, 2008


There's something about rain... certainly my favorite weather phenomenon by FAR. You can always smell it in the air and tell it's going to rain... even before the dark storm clouds come rolling in, chasing away all the sunshine. For some reason, I like seeing those big rain clouds. They don't worry me, symbolizing ruined plans, but remind me what an awesome, amazing, creative, beautiful God I serve. Rain is not only beautiful; it's cool.... it waters all the plants, it sustains all life. I love having a cup of coffee and just sitting listening to the rain... when it rains, I like opening my window and scooting closer.... sometimes, rain storms are very violent... the thunder, the lightening... I find it so interesting that God put his rainbow- a symbol of his promise never to flood the earth again- after it rains... because after all the chaos of the storm (the flashing, the booming the banging), God has his symbol of love and protection right there in the sky.
I love Casting Crown's song "Praise You in this Storm"... it compares life's troubles to a storm... and while these things are happening, we can't really see anything else, we just have to trust God through it. When it's raining and it's all noisy, it's hard to focus on anything but the disturbance, and often fear (I think about when I've been suddenly awakened from my slumber by a thunderstorm)... but the storm won't last forever, God's in control, and there's a rainbow waiting.

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