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Monday, July 20, 2009


I've been trying to rid my room of clutter (mostly stuff that I've saved for no apparent reason), because I've realized that my sister will probably appreciate all the space I'll be leaving her when I head off to college. Anyway, I was thinking... clutter is just kind of one of those things that happens in life. And, at some point, you have to sort through it. Clutter is not limited to the tangible trash that we keep (for unknown reasons), but I think it can extend to emotions we've held onto... thoughts, fears, anger... I think you get the picture. At some point, you have to clean it all out, or it becomes a uncontrollable, unmanageable monster that dominates your life. What better time to do that than the beginning of a new season? My pastor was talking about the transitions in life. I'm in a transition, and it's awesome. I don't even have words to explain my excitement... and what better time to clean out the clutter???!!!! :)

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