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Friday, April 9, 2010

I still hate Valentine's Day.

I just watched the movie "I Hate Valentine's Day"... and you know what? I still hate it.
This is not a bitter single girl talking.
This is a girl who is disgusted with society.
I hate Valentine's Day because so much weight is put on it. It's promoted as the one day that counts. The one day you're supposed to be wonderful. The day you're supposed to get your honey flowers.
And that makes me mad.
I don't want someone to do something for me on Valentine's Day because it's a world-wide tradition. That's not special to me. I don't think that one day should count that much... I think the other 364 days of the year should count far more than Valentine's Day.
Every day should be Valentine's Day.
Idealistic? Perhaps. But possible.
I appreciate flowers on June 22 far more. I would appreciate being treated like a Princess every single day.
Is that a foreign concept? It seems so.
People rise to what is expected of them. If we expect less, and convince ourselves we deserve less, then isn't that what we'll get?
I've learned all about lowering my standards. Never again.
So in the meantime... I'm quite content loathing Valentine's Day...
and waiting for the person who makes my other 364 days of the year better than the average Joe attempts to make his Valentine's Day.

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