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Monday, April 5, 2010


Have you ever met someone who changed your life? I'm talking in human terms here. I have met a life changer, His name is Jesus.
But I'm talking about a person who radically transforms your life... the way you see things. It's one of the coolest things. Yet... at the same time I find it incredibly obnoxious. Because when you have someone who tranforms your world into something so beautiful, and opens your eyes to the potential beauty in everything, and then they leave... it's enough to crush your sprit.
Because you've met that one person, you can't ever see the other thousands of people on the planet the same way. Because of that ONE person, you can't see anything the same way again. Without realizing it, you compare everyone else to that one person, because they were so incredible. How does life go on when they're gone?
I suppose that's what makes the friendship of Jesus so incredibly attractive. Jesus comes into your life, turns it around, changes the way you see things... and then He never leaves.
But... what do you do when the person leaves? You ask yourself... WHY? WHY does it have to be like this? You cry a bit. You laugh as your remember all the times you were completely ridiculous together. You become mellow as you consider how much you wish there had been real potential for the future. And, in the end, you're expected to bury the pain. Move on, because no one knows what's happening inside of you. Ask questions you couldn't ever possibly answer... (why? what if...? what if they...?) and eventually, accept it. I guess everyone has pain... the only thing that's different is how they handle it.

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