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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Covered with plastic?

Call me a radical rabble-rouser... but I think we need to talk about depression in church more. I feel like we talk about being happy and thankful a lot, but we ignore the issues like "what do I do when I don't want to talk to God? How do I help those in depression? Where does depression come from? What if I don't feel like I CAN praise him in the desert? How do I get out of the desert?"
If we want to be real, and remove the masks, we must tackle the real issues instead of sweeping them under the rug. Somehow, we've gotten the mindset that if we're not happy, we need to change. HELLO have you read the PSALMS?!?!?! David certainly did time in the desert. No one's saying that he needed to get off his butt and start praising God... but these days... if you're struggling phewww-eee... you need to examine your heart. I feel like the times I've grown the most have been in the heart of the desert; even if I didn't realize it until I got out.

How can we talk about being true-faced unless we are ready to meet people where they ARE... unless we're ready to encourage those wandering in the desert... unless we're willing to admit, despite our plastic smiles, that we may be in the desert as well?
Something to ponder.

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