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Friday, September 17, 2010

What a duckling I am!

Yesterday was prayer day at CIU. It was phenomenal. Honestly, I skipped all the school-organized things for the day... and went to one of my favorite parks by myself. I sat by the lake and prayed about next summer. I got followed by a duck. I read some Psalms. I took some sweet pictures. I began the day afraid, because I was expecting this prayer day to be just like the ones I had at Capernwray and Tauernhof... when God revealed something huge to me that I had to surrender... and it was a painful, sacrificial surrender.

This time, however, was a deep heart to heart with my heavenly father. I talked about my desire to work with orphans, and expressed my longing to put that into action next summer. The night before, I had done several searches trying to find a short term missions trip to this effect, but
found nothing.

God gave me an awesome picture of himself. I was watching a family of ducks; a mother with all of her precious young duckling. As I watched them, and saw the care of the mother as she watched over her young, it was as if someone whispered "I'm taking care of you like a mother duck... just follow me, and I'll protect you... I'll lead you."

Sometimes following God is like following a semi truck... it's too big to look around, but you desperately try because you want to see what's ahead. I certainly can't see around God.... but how I LONG to see what's ahead!
I went home and conducted yet another search for a missions opportunity next summer... and I found two. One in Kenya and one in Nicaragua. It's a two-month missions trip, and it's working with orphans. I've requested more information... we'll see what happens.

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gill c said...

I enjoy the fact that you related following God to following a semi-truck. Very good description! And the missions opportunities sound AMAZING.