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Sunday, December 19, 2010

101 things about me.

1. I love flowers.
2. Daisies are my favorite flowers... but lilies, tulips and roses are next on the list.

3. I'm allergic to flowers.
4. I often look at my pictures from Capernwray to see what I was doing a year ago on that particular day.
5. I am hypocritical in the way that I look down on others for not being able to get over someone... when I'm still hung up on a stupid crush.
6. I hate running into people from High School.
7. I've found it difficult to enter into deep worship since Capernwray. I felt freedom there like I've never felt anywhere else.
8. I miss the smell of sheep. How weird and disgusting is that?

9. There's been so much talk about dating this semester that I am sick of it... so sick of it that it does not even sound appealing anymore.
10. I like to lay on the ground and stare at the stars.
11. I saw my first shooting star this year.
12. I have a scar on my hand from Capernwray... I ran into a stone wall while I was carrying my suitcase up to the gym for storage during Christmas break.
13. I've been toying with piercing my nose for quite a while.
14. I really like Frank Sinatra.
15. I don't get super angry easily.
16. I feel the most fulfilled when I am taking care of kids.
17. Nothing warms my heart more than a kid explaining the plan of salvation to me.
18. I love movies.

19. I love Shakespeare. Think what you may. The Taming of the Shrew is my favorite.
20. I absolutely love letters. I love writing them, receiving them, reading them, holding them... it is so precious to receive them... it's like a part of my friend. That sounded morbid. Ahh well.
21. I find it impossible not to cry when my friends are crying.
22. I love traveling.
23. I miss riding trains.
24. Fall is my favorite season because I love red leaves.
25. I haven't grown since I was 12.
26. One day, I would like to own a big dog.
27. Adventures in Odyssey is still one of my favorite things.
28. If I had to pick one book to read 5 times, I would pick "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis. It's my favorite.
29. I don't understand why most people don't love "The Scarlet Letter."
30. I find it disturbing when guys wear skinny jeans. Be not offended.
31. Never would I ever go sky diving.
32. I still wake up early on Christmas morning and sit by the Christmas tree before anyone is awake.
33. Drinking tea reminds me of England.
34. My guy friends at Capernwray restored hope in me that not all guys are jerks.
35. I am finding it hard to write this list.
36. I danced with an Austrian boy on my last night in Austria. It was fun.
37. I often make jokes about how short I am, because I like to find humor in every situation.
38. It gets annoying, however, when everyone else is constantly pointing out how small I am.
39. Audrey Hepburn may be my favorite actress.
40. I kissed Mark Thomas on my 19th birthday.
41. In my spare time, I often search for plane tickets to see the ones I love.
42. I hate Valentine's Day.
43. I love peppermint. coffee. tea. everything.
44. Favorite vegetable= cheesy broccoli.
45. I suppose I should mention that I loooove cheese.
46. I highly enjoy art museums.
47. I just don't get modern art. It annoys me when people get famous for something that is so simple I could have done it.
48. I've run over a bird and a squirrel. The bird committed suicide.
49. The last time I held a snake, it bit me 3 times. Thank goodness it wasn't poisonous.
50. I've gone through rabbis shots.
51. I think this list will allow everyone to win "2 truths and a lie" if I ever play it.
52. My favorite color is blue.
53. I'm allergic to cats.
54. I love fires.
55. I'm not sure any mountains will compare to my Alps.
56. Beethoven and Mozart are my favorite composers.
57. People always think I follow all the rules. Ha.
58. I still kinda like Cruela Devil.
59. Sometimes I have a bit of a Wisconsin accent... just because of my roomies. :)
60. I've had 16 roommates in the past year.
61. I sunburn extremely easily.
62. I never knew that there was an aloe plant until I went to Austria. It's pretty sweet.
63. The song "New York" by Alicia Keys reminds me of traveling... because it was playing in the airplanes all the time when I was traveling in Europe.
64. The people I sit next to in airplanes tend to talk a lot.
65. ONE DAY I'll go to Greece.
66. Salzburg and Edinburgh are two of my favorite cities.
67. I have crazy dreams.
68. I have a book of quotes.
69. I really don't mind traffic... unless I absolutely have to be somewhere and it's going to make me late.
70. I like looking at engagement and wedding pictures... even if I don't know the people.
71. I don't mind if people happen to hear me sing... but I won't sing in the shower because I don't want people to hear me... and I won't sing on demand. I get embarrassed and self-conscious.
72. I almost always have a bruise on my leg because I've run into something.
73. I figure that IF I have to use a band aid... they may as well be cute... so I have Hello Kitty band aids.

74. I over think everything.
75. Once, 4 or 5 friends and I ate a 3 pound bag of skittles in a night. I didn't eat skittles again for like a year.
76. I love hugs.
77. One of my biggest pet peeves is getting my socks wet. Like when you walk across the kitchen and step in a puddle-- hate it.
78. I have hated Blue Jays since I was young... because they're mean to the other birds.
79. I've always wanted to be the first to discover something or do something.
80. I do crazy things to get children to laugh.
81. I get a shiver every time someone describes the "American dream"... a house with a white picket fence and 2.5 kids. I just hate the idea of 2 and 1/2 kids. I know it's an averaged figure, but it sounds like one kid has been cut in half. NOT OK!!!
82. I didn't listen to any music by Michael Jackson until he was dead.
83. I learn best when things are put to song. I still know my prepositions because I learned them to the tune of "London Bridge is falling down."
84. I often pray to have the faith of a child.
85. Sometimes I talk in my sleep.
86. One time, I took too many allergy pills and went to a hall meeting.
87. I stink at keeping journals.
88. I want to know how Amy Carmichael dyed her skin with coffee... I've tried it... and failed.
89. I love taking pictures.

90. One day, I hope to have a marriage like my parents have.
91. I really don't enjoy swimming. At all.
92. I have a pair of men's slippers from Walmart that I wear as shoes. Shhh.
93. Flannel is the best. I have one flannel shirt... ok and that was a men's shirt that I got in England. Haha!
94. I really like breathing into a mug and making my glasses fog up.
95. I don't think I could wear contacts because I hate the idea of touching my eyes.
96. I have a "no crap" policy... I don't tolerate it from the kids I babysit, and I certainly don't tolerate it from people that call themselves my friends.
97. I still look for shapes in the clouds.
98. My preferred scent is Vanilla.
99. Gum. I like it... but hate (and usually don't) to spend money on it.
100. I wait for movies to go to the $2 theater.
101. I don't know how I made this list so long... because I don't even think I'm interesting.

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