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Monday, January 3, 2011

Plans and futile worry.

I've gotten kind of freaked out, the past few days, about how I am going to spend this next summer. My job situation is kind of up in the air, since I am a seasonal hire at the clothing store, with the possibility of being kept on after January. That means I'm back to one job.
I had planned to spend my summer in the Dominican Republic, but that fell through. Instead, I may be going for a week.
I believe that my summer will be comprised of working, hopefully, maybe some summer classes, and hopefully a trip to the Dominican.
God's had to teach me this lesson over and over again; trusting him for my plans. I love to plan things out... and I find it so frustrating when everyone is asking me what I am going to do... when I have no idea because I'm waiting on him to guide me. I don't like to do things without a purpose, and I am always afraid that is how my summers will turn out. I suppose I shall focus on today, for it's all I have.
SO I shall drink some more coffee.
Read "The Little Prince."
Buy some plane tickets to Chicago.

Try to Skype with some of the ones that are dear to me.
Maybe go sit in one of my favorite places and journal.
And then, go to work.

This is all that I can give right now.

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