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Monday, February 7, 2011

Small reminders.

My first thought this morning was "my mouth is killing me." My wisdom teeth are here... well... more like arriving. I think they're breaking through, and I want them gone.
My second thought this morning was "I can't breathe through my nose." Don't you love being sick?
My third thought was about the crazy weird dream I had where first some guy tried to lift my skirt so I punched him in the face and then he brought me 15 bouquets of flowers and tried to apologize. Weird. Gets weirder. Then I'm in my old high school that looks like a hospital and I'm stopped by a guy I actually know and he's all giggly and weird and asks me to do some paperwork. Weird. Then I'm at my house and I see a girl coming out of the house across from us, with a backpack, pillow and sleeping bag and she looked just like one of my Canadian friends I met at Capernwray. I wish I could say that this dream was abnormally weird, but it's not.
All this to say; it's so easy to focus on the negative things isn't it?
I then took a look at the tulips I bought. Yes, I bought more because my others died. A beautiful symbol of God's love for me. As I delighted in his love, I quickly realized that my wisdom tooth can be resolved with some Tylenol... my weariness with devotions and coffee, and praise the Lord that I have tissues. :)
I am going to New York City in 15 days.
Is this real life or one of my crazy dreams?

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