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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Confession. I like chick-flicks. A lot. And, I own a lot. However, sometimes it is not healthy for me to watch them. Such as last night. Therefore, I'm watched "The Patriot." I said "Oh, surely I will not cry watching this movie!" HAHA. Wrong.

I'm enjoying my fall break right now, kicking some homework in the butt. And feeling quite productive... and feeling a little gross because I've had too much coffee... and sitting in my big comfy chair in my big plaid shirt... in a freezing room because my roomie is at work! Oh it IS a good day. And the Lord is SO good. I must admit, Elisabeth Elliot and I disagreed last night and it made me sad... and took me a while to feel justified in my own opinion because I view her as being so Biblical... and I felt like... a heathen. But I've worked past it (don't worry).

I'm working tonight, and I have so much to accomplish before then! I made a plan (because that's what I do) and I'm knocking stuff out left and right!

I have two simultaneous desires right now, and they are to drive to the mountains to see the leaves changing colors (red leaves are my favorite thing), and the other is to go to sleep early and drive to the beach to watch the sunrise. Dear Mister of my future, be prepared to be spontaneous to do these things with me, ok?

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