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Monday, November 19, 2007

So I nearly had a heart attach.

I really don't see the point of going to school for 2 days in a week... because we're all so distracted about the upcoming Turkey day than nothing is getting done!!!
I nearly had a heart attach today (I WAS hyperventilating) because Chazz had the "baby" and then right before 7th period I walked to the other end of the school because I heard someone's baby had been thrown down the stairs and created an absolute flour distaster, and as I was walking down the hall, Chazz walked out of the English room and I noticed he didn't have the baby so I was like "WHERE is our child???" and he gave me this panicked look and was like "you mean you don't have it?!?!?!?!" Haha definitely not the words I wanted-or needed- to hear.... so we both thought the same thing at the same time and ran around frantically trying to find out whos baby had been murdered on the stairs and then found our it wasn't ours, but we couldn't find it and I ended up getting extremely freaked out, hence my hyperventilation, and about 10 minutes late to History... and when I sat down in History, attempting to breathe, Jonathan was like "Sooo I heard you lost your baby..... ya know I have it???" And I just about killed him. Evidently he stole it from Chazz, who had his back turned to it because he wanted to freak him out, and was going to give it back to me but I didn't come to History because I was frantically searching for it... *frustrated groan* Yeah. Very NOT funny. Obviously I wasn't amused...
One more day of school. 7 classes. And the baby project ends tomorrow! *hallelujah chorus plays in head*
I have a Spanish project to do... and a quiz to study for... and I'm completely lacking motivation. Good thing I basically have the thing planned in my head... I just have to make it.
Wow I dunno what my mom is making, but it smells amazing... *sniffs*
Well I guess I should start on this project. It will be beautimous. Yup. One more day.

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