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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thankful for Thanksgiving

Around this time of year, I may not be thankful for many things related to school... but I am thankful for Thanksgiving itself. Not only for the amazing food, Squanto (he's a cool dude, ok?), and the thought that Christmas is just around the bend, but also because WE GET OFF OF SCHOOL!!!!!! In 7 days... umm not that I'm counting or anything.... haha.

Football Well.... Ben Lippen Football season is over... HAS been. Sadness. Matt played in one game, but it was his first year. :)
In DMF (Dating, Marriage, and Family--Mr. Young's class) we are now "parents"... of sacks of flour. It's pretty annoying, I'm not gonna lie. Some people -- not naming any names or anything-- are specifically out to get me and my child. I dunno why.... :)
Chemistry is frustrating me soooo much!!! I don't get it!!!! I have amazing friends and an amazing teacher that are trying to help me, but I feel like just giving up.
Christmas Social
It should be fun. I love my best friends... and the understanding we all have about socials....basically we all assume we are going together (unless someone asks one of us) and you never have to worry about being alone, because you know they're there and they'll go with you... even if you really wished that someone had asked you. Anywhos I am going with my peeps unless someone asks me which would be astounding, since no one ever has. And I already have a dress... amazing, I know. I'm just good like that.

Oh and talking about the Christmas Social remindes me of the social life that I sometimes feel like I'm pretending to have... hahaha... but anywhos it remindes me of Katie's party which should be fun even though I have not even the slightest idea what we are doing... and going to Katie's house remindes me of the sleepover we had last week when we were watching Disturbia and I got freaked out and ran across the room and jumped on Mary Grace and held her for the rest of the movie... ahhh good times, good times. We all decided I can't handle scary movies... lol like at ALL.
College Thinking about it scares me to death. Makes me want to run and hide under my bed. Makes me want to be 5 again when all I had to worry about was my brother tearing my Barbie's head off... or stealing my coloring book. I think I want to go into Elementary Education... but most likely I change my mind again. This idea's lasted the longest though.... I keep coming back to it, so we'll see what happens.
Well the dude at school has left me alone.... so life is better. MUCH better.
I love my car. Seriously. You can diss Buicks all you want, but I love mine. It's wonderful.
Speaking of driving, I can only drive from 6-6 now. Major bummer... until January!!!!! Wooohooo!!!! Then I get full driving privileges... mhmm. (62 days until my birthday!!!! Umm not that I'm counting down to that either....)
I'm singing in church on Sunday with the youth choir... almost everyone knows I love to sing, but this song...I'm not sure.this has the potential of being scary... that's all I'm gonna say, hahaha.
Random Today I decided that randomness has plagued my life. Matt and I brought home a punching bag of all things! Evidently, Matt found it in the locker room or something and asked Coach if he could have it... it was definitely interesting getting that thing into the back of my car!!!
Sri Lanka There is a possibility that I'm going to Sri Lanka next summer... which would be amazing!!! My dad's going to be teaching a class for 2 weeks at a Bible College, and we're trying to find something that I could do at the school to get my Senior service hours squared away... I could get em all taken care of... in Sri Lanka!!! How sweet would that be?!?!?!?!?!

Well I need to make an effort with Chemistry. Few things frustrate me as much as Chemistry, let me tell you... and I need to make sure I know how to name the contents of a suitcase in Spanish. And then I think I'm gonna go to bed as soon as I possibly can. That's my plan, but we all know there is no way I'm gonna end up sticking to it. :)

But first, I am going to start something new... I am going to write a random story about whatever comes to mind...or about whatever subject my sister gives me.... So here we go... (this will be interesting, haha):

The Rooster without a Voice... (thanks for the subject and title, Amy...)

Well there was this rooster named Henry. And he well.... wasn't exactly like the others... yeah they all grew up together, but while all the other roosters grew up and experimented with their crows, he could only gurgle. He was so tired of the other guys bugging him about it-- and he often got depressed about the fact. Could roosters have an identity crisis??? He certainly felt like he was having one... "Am I really a rooster," he wondered, "or am I another pathetic case like the odd duckling?" He decided to conduct a search for his lost voice.... asking everyone what could possibly be wrong with him... he asked his friends, who mainly laughed at him, he basically asked everyone that would listen... even intimate objects, such as the feeder. Finally, he decided to ask his mom. "What in the world is wrong with me," he asked. And she gave him a reply he did not expect... "there's nothing wrong with you," she said. "You just haven't grown into your voice yet. Give it time, and the others will be blown away." And so Henry just smiled when the others teased him, because he knew that one day-- when it was right-- he would blow them all away. The day did roll around, of course when he finally belted out his first crow.... and being the first one, it was quite good. Not only were the other roosters astounded, but so was the farmer who had been puzzled at his mute rooster. While the others slowly dissapeared from the pen and ended up on the farmer's plate, Henry became the prize rooster...

Wow that was the dumbest story I've ever written in my life... wait... no it wasn't, I take that back. I've written MUCH worse. But anywhos I hope that made you laugh, hahahahaha.

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