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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve!!!

Christmas break. :)
Friday I babysat at 7:45 in the morning!!! Yes first day of break and it felt like a school day. Haha no-- it was really fun... Jordan and I were stuck inside all day because it was really cold and raining... except for the time when their gigantic dog got o ut and we had to go get him. :) Then after babysitting I went shopping... yeahh I went to Harbison... BAAAAD idea!!!!!!!!!

Saturday I went down to church at 9:45-ish for Worship Team practice... and hung out there until like 12:30... actually Mary Grace and I went to Starbucks... haha anywhos the point is that I didn't get home until 1:30. And it was a ton of fun. :)
Sunday morning Matt came to church with us and I played... and I guess it wasn't that bad considering we had only played each song about 4 times!!!

And today is Christmas Eve!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Family tradition is that we get books and glow sticks... :) we actually got 2 glowsticks... I got a pink one and a blue one. And for my book, I got "Sister Freaks" by Rebecca St. James... but I've already read it... :) Today we went over to the Little's house for a couple hours and chilled... basically I listened to the adults talk and I just sat there... but it's all good! Then I went to church with Matt which was really cool, and then I came home for like 10 minutes and went to church with my family!!! At home, we shared some favorite Christmas memories... mine mostly consist of Matthew appearing next to my bed at the crack of dawn on Christmas day. :)

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