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Friday, February 29, 2008

I have the best friends ever.

Well... high school is insane. Haha :) But life is fun. I've gotten to hang out with my people a lot lately... last weekend a bunch of us went to see the movie "Vantage Point" (which was just awesome) and eat and it was insane. I don't even know how else to describe it!!! Anywhoos, the movie was really cool... reminded me of 24 (the bestest show everrr) and it got pretty intense... haha I kept yelling at the movie even thought the theater was like mostly full and the people behind us were laughing at my exasperation and how into the movie I was... haha don't be hatin'... :) Well I guess the whole adventure started before the movie when we were eating at Wild Wing Cafe.... ohh the good times :) And we definitely sang to the songs playing while we were eating and again, people stared. Oooh well. And after the movie we got ice cream and nearly got kicked out because I have loud friends... it really wasn't me!!!

(Left picture: Quinn, Me, Mary Grace
Right picture: Mary Grace, Me, Mary, Sandy, Quinn, Tabitha and Dylan who is not pictured!)

School is just school. 21 days until spring break (not that I'm counting)... and lots of stuff due before then!!!!
Job... yeahh I should get one. I've been carrying around an application for like 2 or 3 weeks... that's just pathetic. Wow.
And I am still ticked off that 24 isn't coming on this year and about the people the people got to play in the movie "Twilight"... gahhh it's just wrong!!!!!!!
And tomorrow, I get to hang out with my people again :) I have the bestest friends in the entire world!!! Seriously though... if you disagree that's cuz you're just jealous and you wish YOUR friends were as cool as MINE. Cuz mine rock YOUR friend's sock off. Ok I'm done, LOL. :)


Matt A. said...

I'm glad you guys had fun :) you're just awesome like that :)

Anonymous said...

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MG's spot said...

wow! i never noticed you put up a bloging thing about that night. fun times, and WE didn't almost get kicked out. i believe it was quinn who was extrememly loud, luckily none of us died that night :)