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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dirty towels and broken hearts.

You know what I hate? When I forget to wash something. It’s my towel. I ALWAYS forget it… until I’m pulling my clothes out of the dryer and go “AHHH MY TOWEL!!!!” Or the same feeling when you’re in the check-out line in the grocery store, about to pay. You’ve finally gotten through a gigantic line that seemed about as long as your life thus far, and you realize that you’ve forgotten a particular item yet AGAIN. I was thinking about that in regards to people today… it stinks when you’re the one who is forgotten… when it feels like you’re the afterthought. How must God feel? I feel like I forget Him so often. I’ll go talk to everyone about my problems, what’s hurting me, what has excited me, but He’s almost an after-thought. That would break my heart… so how much more does it break God’s?
Speaking of broken hearts… does it seem like people set themselves up for it?... or is it just me? Something God’s been teaching me; my prince, my Mr. Darcy, my knight in shining armor will find me. God knows exactly who he is. And furthermore, I shouldn’t be looking for him because if I want a leader, I better expect him to lead, yeah? So, therefore, I can sit back and enjoy every single minute… not looking for anyone… but focusing on God. Daily struggle, yes. Worth it? Completely.
Anyway… I don’t want God’s opinion and plan to be like a dirty towel to me. I want Him to be like my favorite shirt; the thing I always remember to wash, because it’s my favorite.
On a completely different note, it's Thanksgiving today... but I'm in England. The school is having a Thanksgiving meal tonight, though... so I'm super excited. And then we're going to watch Elf instead of having lectures!!! I MISS MY FAMILY!!!!!!! BUT... I am SOO thankful that I'm here. Thank you, God. :)

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