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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weirdest... day... ever,

It started at 7 am.
I got up to take my brother and sister to school. The same school I went to this time last year. Was that only a year ago? That's what I asked as I drove up to that rather small grey building... where are all the people I left here with? What are they doing with their lives? What have I done with mine? Has it been worthwhile? (The answer was yes, by the way.)
9 am.
My grandparents are in town, visiting me. Grammy called me at 9, telling me that Pop Pop was saying his heart was hurting him... and that he had taken the medicine that's supposed to prevent a heart attack. She apologized because we weren't going to get to go to Charleston... I couldn't care less about the stupid beach. She told me to go about life normally and she'd call me back.
9:45 am.
Grammy called me and said she needed to call 911... but she wanted to wait until I got there. I was there in 2 minutes. Grammy called, but couldn't hear the person on the other end because Grammy is hard of hearing AND the phone is just ridiculously quiet. So I took over, and the questions were relayed from the lady at 911 to me to Grammy to Pop Pop. If it hadn't been so serious, it would have been rather comical. Dad came within 5 minutes of the call.
10 am.
The ambulance had arrived and Grammy and I headed to the hospital ahead of it, so we would be there when it got there.
Dad and I sat in the Emergency Room lobby for about 2 hours. I could not believe how many people came into the Emergency Room with half of their fingers chopped off. SO MUCH BLOOD. I do not do well with blood. I tried to watch the news... but I couldn't pay attention and ended up staring off into space for a long time... trying not to think about I didn't really eat breakfast.
2:30 pm
Dad and I came back to the hospital (we went home to eat) and I left my favorite book, Frankenstein, with Grammy.
6:30 pm
I took Amy to youth group. On my way home, I passed my ex boyfriend while I was listening to the song "Already Gone" by Kelly Clarkson. I looked straight ahead and just sang.
Then I passed my high school history teacher, who used to give us talks about not driving and talking on the phone... yeah... he was on his phone.
7:15 pm.
I went to Lake Murray (my 3rd favorite place) and watched the sunset. It was kinda pathetic because the sun half went down and then slipped behind clouds and disappeared. Lame. But it was so nice to just sit there... and watch it... and cry... and talk to God about the day.
Then I got some sweet tea. I think I've adopted my Southern culture... which has happened since I've lived in the UK for 6 months. HOW does that happen?

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