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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Caught in the down-pour!!!

Today, it is raining. It is not a light drizzle, but a steady, torrential down-pour. It makes me calm, and reflective, seeing the water pour from the sky in such staggering amounts. It turns my mind to the things that God has poured out on me in such massive amounts…

He has poured out is love, when I’ve needed it most.
He has poured out his peace, when my heart has been troubled.
He has poured out his patience, when I acted like a disobedient child.
He has poured out his grace, even though I don’t deserve it.

He has poured out so much… yet, sometimes, I feel like I’ve been holding an umbrella between me, and the blessings that He wants to rain down on me. It’s like I say “thanks, but no thanks.”
Some people resent the rain, because it inconveniences their lives. I love it because it makes the grass luscious, and the flowers bloom. However, as much as I love and appreciate the rain, I often resent God’s blessings, because I think that He will inconvenience me in order for me to receive them. Soon, I realize that it takes more work to stubbornly hold up my umbrella under the unrelenting downpour, than it would be to just let go and get soaked.
So today, I think I’ll leave my umbrella at home… and get drenched in the downpour of God’s blessings.

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