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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cooking, cats and tan lines.

I don't know much about cooking. That's why my method is a bit worrisome. I like to experiment, even if it's the first time I'm making something. I made an omelet the other day and literally put a bunch of different things in that I don't think any ordinary person would put in. But... in the end, it just made it purple with spots.
The family got a kitten. I don't like cats... at all... and I've discovered that I have a small fear of kittens. It's because when I was 12 (long story short) I had to get rabbis shots. Plus, I'm allergic to cats. My throat gets super itchy, I sneeze, my ears itch.... thankfully my eyes don't usually bug me, but sometimes they itch too. The thing I hate... is that this kitten is absolutely adorable. It's grey and white and it eyes are green. It's absolutely precious... but makes me miserable.
I finally look the color of a normal person... but I'm super tan. I have a tan line on my wrist from my Capernwray Sadie bracelet... and it looks like I'm an albino that sprayed themselves brown. Crazy.
I leave a week from today. A week from right now, I will be on a train to Munich. I feel so mixed up... I'm absolutely stoked, but I don't want to leave the European culture and go back to my own. I love so many things about the way people live in Europe... except for nude tanning.... ok... that's just embarrassing and awkward.

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