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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sick of being sick.

Being sick stinks. I've been hiding away in my room all day... except for going to Walmart... watching movies and making an attack plan for my homework and eating oatmeal and drinking tea. My voice has dropped what seems like a whole octave. My body aches, and my eyes are asking me why they are still open. I wish someone would come take care of me... rub my back, watch a movie with me, make sure I take my vitamins...
being sick when you're alone stinks like 5 zillion times more than just being sick. Key word: ALONE. Basically, I hate being alone. I love being cared for. I am capable of taking care of myself... it sure worked out fine in Europe... but I don't enjoy it. I find it lonely. I find it hard to relax. I find it even more miserable.
Sometimes I wonder why I'm so alone if God made me this way. I wonder what his plan is... I know I should be excited to see what he does, but right now I'm kind of annoyed.
I don't understand movies or tv shows or REAL life when people go on date after date and have boyfriend after boyfriend. That's certainly not me. I can't even say I've turned many down... because I can only think of.... 2.

Dear Mr. Perfect,

I know you already know this because you're perfect and all... but... when I'm sick... come take care of me. Thanks.

PS. I am sick now... sooo.... appear?

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gill c said...

I like this :) I definitely understand the feeling. There is something lovely about being cared for, especially when one is sick. I'm sad you are alone.. I wish I could come see you!